Overview of Investigation Review Process


  • The first step is generally a preliminary fact finding stage to determine if the complaint presents the predication needed for an investigative review. If the complaint may be more appropriately addressed by another area such as Human Resources for personnel issues, Student Affairs for student issues, Office of Affirmative Action for harassment issues, UPD for criminal issues, it is referred to the appropriate area.
  • After the preliminary review assistance may be requested from the unit head, the university’s general counsel, or the university police department.
  • For each investigation, assigned OIA personnel, must document their independence from the issues presented.

Fact Finding

  • Fact finding and evidence gathering procedures should be as objective as possible
  • Employee interviews are conducted as necessary
  • Evidence gathered should be from sources independent of the unit or subject employee when possible.

Reporting at the Conclusion

  • A report is issued to appropriate management and if necessary to prosecuting officials.
  • A report may be verbal, a memorandum, a letter, a formal written report, or an electronic response. Reporting requirements of Get Lean hotline and Whistle-blower investigations are followed.
  • The final report, in whatever format, should thoroughly address all relevant aspects of the investigation.