Office History

The Office of Internal Audit has evolved since the mid 1950’s from a single auditor function performing campus audits under the supervision of the Vice President for Administrative Affairs to a robust staff  providing a broad spectrum of services to assist the Board of Trustees and university management and its affiliates in the discharge of their oversight, management and operating responsibilities.

In 1986, the Office of Internal Management Auditing’s line of reporting was revised to be directly to the university president. The Office of Internal Management Auditing became the Office of the Inspector General in 1994 with the enactment of the Inspector General Act (Section 20.055, Florida Statutes).

From 2003-2012, the name Office of Audit & Compliance Review was established in response to changes in governance and to better reflect the mission of the office as defined by the office charter approved by the Board of Trustees in December 2002.  The name Office of Audit and Compliance Review was intended to communicate that our office provided internal audit services to the university, including reviewing compliance with various laws, rules and regulations. Over time, the inclusion of the word “compliance” in our name was misinterpreted and some have believed that we were the university’s “Compliance Office,” responsible for implementing compliance programs. Part of our mission is to audit such university compliance programs, not implement them.

OIA Chief Audit Executive History

Dhanesh Raniga, became Chief Audit Executive (CAE) in September 2020.

Joe Cannella III, served as Interim Chief Audit Executive (CAE), 2018-2020.

Brian D. Mikell, served as the CAE from February 2009 to July 2018.

Nur Erenguc was the Inspector General/CAE from 1990-2009.